Bow makers Competition

LOGO ARCHETCoinciding with the first violin competition being held at the resort of Karellis, in France, the Festival Cordes&Pics is launching a Bow Making contest to be held from 26th to 29th July 2016.

This competition is designed to allow contempory bow makers to highlight and demonstrate in the making of Dominique Peccatte violin bow copies, the style, elegance and innovation that Dominique Peccatte developed during the nineteenth century.

The jury will be looking for: character, a high standard of craftsmanship, and the quality of sound, in the submitted bows.
– The competition is open to bow makers of all nationalities, without age limit, in the category: violin bows.
– The competition is anonymous. The bows must not bear any brand-stamp or mark of the maker.
– Serial numbers will be printed/written on an adhesive label that will be affixed to each bow.
– The submitted bows must have been made entirely by the candidate
– Bows must be made of wood. The frog may only be mounted in ebony and silver.
– Bows entered into the competition must not bear traces of use or artificial wear and must have been fabricated no more than 2 years prior to the date of the contest.
– Each bow maker may submit more than one bow, mounted ebony and silver.
– The tip may be made of synthetic or animal bones or mammouth ivory
– Each bow must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, for the Director of the competition and placed in the package, containing:

• The first names and surname of the bow maker,
• Their exact address as well as the address to which the bow or bows may be returned.
• The place and date of manufacture of the bows submitted to the competition.

Competition  Entry
Participants must send their inscription before june 30th, 2016
by email to:
Or by mail to:
Festival Cordes & Pics -Competition Dominique Peccatte,
33 rue Henri Barbusse, 75005 Paris – France

• The registration form, duly completed, dated and signed
• Registration fees are fixed at € 75 for the 1st bow, and € 50 for each subsequent bow.
• A short biography.
• A photograph of the candidate, bearing the name of the photographer and permission to publish it. If necessary.
. Copy of Bank transfer:
Iban: FR76 1027 8088 9400 0203 4400 139

Bank charges are the responsability of the participant. The sums collected will not be returned in case of cancellation or non-participation.

Terms and conditions

The jury is composed of Franck Daguin installed in Lyon, Gilles Chancereul based in Paris, and is to be chaired by Mr Paul Childs, expert from New York, members of the jury of the interpretation competition and the interpreters of the semifinal associated with final round.

Their decisions are final.
• The jury members may under no circumstances compete.
• The competition will award a First Prize « Diploma of Excellence »
• The jury reserves the right to award one or more prizes of special merit
• Bows involved may be exhibited and performed with at a gala day in the month of December 2016 –
• The competition management reserves the right to make and distribute photographs of the bows entered in the competition on any broadcast medium.
1st round : The bows will be judged for the quality of the copy by: Mr Paul Childs, Mr Franck Daguin and Mr Gilles Chancereul. Participants will be notified of their selection no later than July 15 2016.
2nd round : The bows will be judged by the jury of the interpretation competition, the semi-finalists and finalists.
3rd round : The first winner of violin competition will choose a bow July 29, 2016


€ 5,000 winner’s bow will be awarded to the winner of the violin competition
A certificate of participation will be issued to all selected candidates.
The winning bows will be exhibited at the Gala Concert in the month of December 2016.
The candidates undertake to leave the bows at the disposal of the competition for this event or to return them for the month of December 2016.

Registration open until 30th June 2016
Réception of bows until 15th July 2016

Final deliberation 29th July 2016
Exhibition at the Gala concert in December 2016

Transport of bows
Candidates will ship the bows in a reusable packaging for their return. The name and the sender and recipient address should be written legibly.
Deposit of bows
Bows may be deposited or sent to the administrative address of the contest: Festival Cordes & Pics Contest Dominique Peccatte, 33 rue Henri Barbusse, 75005 Paris France.
A receipt by email will be issued within 72 hours after receiving the package.
For international shipments the parcel MUST be marked: « No commercial value » for EXHIBITION.
Shipping, forwarding and packaging are the responsibility and at the charge of the candidate.

Return of the bows
Bows will be returned by the organizers of the competition to the address specified by the entrant via pre-paid postage already paid by the competitor. It will be possible to recover the bow, via a third person with written permission from the bow maker
Participants must ensure, on their own account, their bows and cases, throughout the course of the contest, including transport from the outset from the participants’ address ,to the competion site until its safe arrival back without interruption. Consequently, the competition organizers, persons with whom they are responsible, other participants, and all associations, persons or companies that lend them their support in any capacity cannot be held liable for damages of the bows and cases. Participants and candidates waive all claims against the organizers, associations, companies and individuals mentioned above.
Similarly, each entrant remains responsible for the financial consequences of civil liability incurred by him, due to damage of any kind (including personal injury) caused to third parties due to instruments, bows and cases, or his presence or participation competition; by express agreement, no recourse against the persons mentioned in the preceding paragraph may not be admitted as such. Without obligation, candidates are advised to insure against this risk.

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